SODA team includes researchers, project managers, recruiters, field managers and interviewers – a group of research enthusiasts ready to take on any market research challenge and provide our Clients with excellent service and valuable results. All team members have years of experience in working on different research topics and present high quality skills and abilities to smoothly and efficiently conduct even the most complex and challenging studies for the benefit of our Clients.

For each and every of us here at SODA the Client always comes first. Our professional goal is to provide our Clients with high quality end results through precise work organization, flexibility, local knowledge, great communication and innovative solutions, being a business partner rather than a vendor. We simply listen to your needs and satisfy them in every inch truly supporting your business!

Company founders

Lukasz Drzazga

Lukasz is a marketing research professional with an educational background in psychology, sociology, economy and statistics.

Lukasz has been mostly involved in international projects, within which he has had an opportunity to cooperate with dozens of end-clients and foreign research agencies, mostly from the United States and Western Europe. Sectors he is most acquainted with are foremost health care, retail and construction, where he conducted business-to-business, business-to-consumer and market insight type of projects.

His experience includes designing and conducting both qualitative and quantitative projects, however the key area of his research activities and interests remains qualitative, and, nowadays, online qualitative research.


Szczepan Swietoniowski

Szczepan is a market researcher with a professional track record in marketing research agencies where he held market analyst and senior researcher positions and as an independent market research consultant. His educational background is in sociology, economy and statistics.

During his carrier Szczepan worked on a large number of business-to-business and business-to-customer studies for both end-clients and research agencies from across the world. His sector experience embraces primarily health care, ICT, automotive and heavy industry.

He is experienced in designing, conducting and reporting mostly quantitative studies, however his current professional interest lies in hybrid research combining both qualitative and quantitative approaches to research objectives with the newest technologies used in research industry.


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