At SODA we own and have access to proven in practice fieldwork resources which allow us to successfully conduct large scale qualitative and quantitative studies across Central and Eastern Europe and globally. Our resources include:

  • Qualitative moderators experienced in B2C and B2B topics in different market sectors
  • Countrywide interviewers field force in all CEE countries
  • CATI studios in all main states of the CEE region
  • Experienced recruiters eligible to recruit all types of consumer, business and expert respondents
  • Central location and in-hall test facilities in main cities of the CEE region
  • Focus group facilities equipped with video streaming in main cities of the CEE region
  • Market research translators and simultaneous translators in all states of the CEE region
  • Top end consumer panels, online qualitative and quantitative research platforms and analysis software

Our expertise and access to a broad range of tools and resources allows us conduct complex qualitative and quantitative studies on many different consumer, business and expert targets in a wide variety of market sectors including Healthcare, Retail, FMCG, Durable goods, ICT, Automotive, Financial services, Construction, Chemicals, Heavy Industry and many more.

For each and every conducted study we flexibly but carefully select and combine the most adequate resources in order to assure smooth and successfull fieldwork execution and top quality results.


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