Ethnographic study on health & wellbeing

In cooperation with UK-based market research agency SODA completed a qualitative project exploring health & wellbeing category. The two main objectives of the study were:
- to sense check the five platforms identified by the client in 2011 (do they still exist, how, if at all have they evolved, have any new platforms emerged?)
- to understand consumer language used when describing their health needs/motivations and ultimately these platforms.
In order to gather necessary information we conducted 12 in-home interviews, including looking through respondents’ fridge, cupboards & herb gardens. Prior to the interviews respondents were asked to complete a pre-task. Each participant created a collage to show their associations and perceptions of Health & Wellbeing which were discussed during the in-home sessions.
All ethnos have been video recorded and dubbed with English translation over the video so the client could use the footage for further analysis.

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