"We have been working with Soda-team for years in CEE, both in qualitative and quantitative research projects. We are very satisfied with this partnership – their expertise, attitude toward cooperation and support is outstanding. In addition flexibility and problem-solving attitude is also very helpful during the project management."

Dora, Research Director, Hungary

"Over the past couple of years we have worked in close collaboration with SODA. They have proved to be a solid, reliable and flexible partner in conducting difficult and challenging projects in Eastern Europe within the industry standards. We are looking forward to partner with them again in the near future."

Peggy, Worldwide Purchasing Manager, France

"We worked with SODA several times in executing both local and multi-country studies, sometimes, in very specific research area or with difficult target groups. Their broad knowledge and consultancy-based, professional approach, supported us in meeting with our clients’ expectations from the very early stage to the last moment of the projects. They work according to high standards and are reliable partners."

Ferenc, Managing Director, Hungary

"We have been co-operating with SODA on a regular basis in the recent years. They never failed to deliver their professional yet flexible approach and quality beyond the expectations to these projects. Being a solid market research agency and always quoting competitively they should not be left out from any relevant project. Keep up the good work, guys!"

Diana, Project Manager & Analyst, Hungary

"We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your help. SODA costs are competitive and your team always deliver what promised. Working with SODA team is very easy, every process goes smoothly, from quotation to recruitment and invoicing."

Mariella, Global Procurement Executive, UK

"I have worked with SODA for a few years now and are very happy with the services they provide. At quoting stage SODA always provide accurate feedback and information to help handle expectations and outcome of the study once fieldwork has started. I find SODA very professional, straight to the point and reliable. It’s a pleasure to work with them."

Alex, Bidding & Procurement Manager, UK

"We cooperate with SODA researchers for a couple of years now and regularly commission them for quantitative consumer surveys conducted face-to-face on large respondent samples. The research team is proffesional, organized and communicative. Quality of delivered results always meets our expectations. SODA is a solid partner for market research."

Malgorzata, Executive Advisor, Poland

"Collaborating with SODA offers a reliable, responsive and considered partnership, where they strive to deliver the best at every stage of project execution."

Julien, Client Services Account Manager, UK

“Our experience in working with SODA has been very positive. We have a trusted relationship based on excellent communication & services. Even for challenging projects we always receive reliable & ongoing feedback. We also appreciate the effort in return RFQ in a timely manner.”

Caroline, Director, France

"We are very happy with the performance of SODA and find them to be highly professional and very flexible with our needs. Prices are commercially competitive and we always come to SODA for a quote on all projects. We would never leave them out."

Jade, Resource Manager, UK

"SODA are competitive, fast and reliable. I am more than happy with their service and always appreciate the upfront insight they provide for their core markets."

Daniel, Business Development Director, US