Qualitative Research

When you face a business challenge that requires a deeper understanding of your customers or company business partners, a qualitative research will help unveiling hidden motivations, preferences and emotions standing behind their behaviour and provide you with an in-depth knowledge of factors driving their actions and a key to use it in favour of your business.

Our company offers a full range of qualitative research techniques, including:

  • Focus group interviews:
    • classical group interviews
    • mini and extended groups
    • creative groups
    • variety of workshops
  • In-depth interviews:
    • individual face-to-face interviews
    • telephone individual interviews
    • dyads and triads
    • semi-structured interviews
    • market intelligence interviews
  • Online qualitative:
    • online focus groups
    • online individual interviews
    • online bulletin board
    • virtual ethnography
  • Ethnographic research:
    • accompanied shopping
    • in-home visits and interviews
    • content analysis

All listed techniques may successfully be applied to research both consumer and business-to-business realms. We are experienced in and fully capable to carry out qualitative research with such target audiences as private consumers, business decision makers and industry experts from variety of markets sectors.


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