Ethnographic study on health & wellbeing

In cooperation with UK-based market research agency SODA completed a qualitative project exploring health & wellbeing category. The two main objectives of the study were: - to sense check the five platforms identified by the client in 2011 (do they still exist, how, if at all have they evolved, have any new platforms emerged?) - to understand consumer language used when describing their health needs/motivations and ultimately these platforms. In order to gather necessary information we conducted 12 in-home interviews, including looking through respondents’ fridge, cupboards & herb gardens. Prior to the interviews respondents were asked to complete a pre-task. Each participant created a collage to show their associations and perceptions of Health & Wellbeing which were discussed during the in-home sessions. All ethnos have been video recorded and dubbed with English translation over the video so the client could use the footage for further analysis.

Evaluation of messages regarding new blood glucose meter – online bulletin board with HCPs and patients

Working together with US-based research agency, we completed online bulletin board with diabetologists and diabetes patients in Poland and Russia. In each of the markets we interviewed n=5 physicians and n=15 patients, divided into 3 segments: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes on insulin, Type 2 Diabetes on oral treatment. Bulletin board lasted 3 working days, and as a result client received comprehensive report presenting study findings.

Insight into market of ultrasound devices

Working with a French market research agency we conducted quantitative study which aim was to get insight into market of ultrasound devices in Poland. We completed n=136 interviews with healthcare professionals carefully sampled by a variety of criteria (including size of hospital or clinic, public vs. private insurance and ownership, geographical spread, and many others) in order to ensure best possible representativeness.

Mystery shopping in pharmacies

For the fourth year in a row SODA examines presence and pharmacists' recommendations of client's OTC products in Polish pharmacies. Working together with a mystery shopping client we completed another 3 waves of mystery shopping for a major pharmaceutical company. In each of the waves mystery shoppers visited over 400 pharmacies across the country and verified performance of clients' products versus competitors' through exposition observation and interaction with pharmacists.

Research into treatment patterns and usage of particular medicines in cardiological indications

SODA in cooperation with a British research agency completed a multi-country quantitative survey on the usage of particular brand medicines in treatment and prevention of recurrent Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), comprising both Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE). We interviewed 800 GPs, Internists and Cardiologists in 7 countries – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia. Our respondents have been recruited to complete a 30-minutes long online questionnaire. As a result our Client received data precisely depicting treatment regimens of the researched indications in each of the included markets.